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19 Things Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams Have in Common Besides 1989

Ryan Adams’ excellent cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 has the media talking about how wildly different the two musicians are. But after a thorough forensic investigation, we found that Taylor and Ryan have way more in common than anyone would have thought!

1. Country music roots. Taylor, of course, started out as a country music singer, releasing her self-titled country album at age 16 and shortly after, becoming the touring opening for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Ryan Adams also started out in the sub-genre of alt-country, fronting the critically-acclaimed band Whiskeytown out of Raleigh, North Carolina, influenced by country rock singers of the past including Gram Parsons. The band stayed together for 6 years and released three studio albums before Adams went solo with the 2000 album of Heartbreaker.

2. Personal lyrics detailing past relationships. Both Ryan and Taylor catch a lot of flack from music critics for penning personal love songs about past relationships. Both admit that most of their material is autobiographical.