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20 Creeptastic Mirror Messages To Write Your Roommate

Scare the daylights out of your roomie during her morning routine with these creepy messages that get progressively more freaky.

*Bonus points if you can arrange “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake to play every time she steps in front of it.

“Lookin’ hot, guuuurl”

“Look at you! Beach waves are so hot right now!”

“Oooooh, my favorite color! Sparkly ghoulish dead-skin green!”

“You really nailed that fishtail braid, sweetie.”

“How did you know that ‘Dark Muddy Waters’ was my favorite eye shadow?”

“Did you remember to do your Western Civ homework?”

“Lip-lickingly beautiful! Smack!”


“Great blood red dress you got there!”

“I love your teeth.”


“I miss helping you with your mascara clumps.”

“Con-Air Twist-a-Braids have been responsible for four campus deaths this year …”

“Why won’t you answer me?”

“I won’t forget!”

“I’ll find you someday.”

“I’m going to haunt your dreams.”

“I wouldn’t drink that coconut water if I were you …”


“Don’t go to class today.”

“Help, I’m trapped in the couch.”

“I’m warning you …”

I know.

What pranks have you pulled on your roommates?