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Blogging Twilight: Index Page

We know you love Dan. We love him, too! And now, for your greater reading convenience, we’re going to collect all of his Blogging Twilight posts here, in one place. We’ll update this page every time a new post goes up.

Of course, you are invited to join the lovely Amanda’s Facebook group, Dan Bergstein’s “Blogging Twilight” is AMAZING.

Also, did you realize that Dan is on Twitter? That’s right! Everyone is welcome to follow him.

Finally, okay, listen, we get it. You guys *cough*crazyjessie05*cough* want a “How compatible would you and DannyBerg be in a commited romantic relationship” test. Your pleas have not gone unheard! Danny B has a lovely girlfriend, but we’re still forcing him to write a quiz to Jessie’s specifications. So keep your eyes peeled for that. UPDATE: The test is here!

Blogging Twilight

Blogging New Moon

Blogging Eclipse

Blogging Breaking Dawn