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Unsung YouTube Stars

Maddy65 gives cred to the lesser-known heroes of the interwebz!—Sparkitors

There are so many talented people out there that fail to get as much recognition as they deserve, right? I mean, c’mon, the traditional banana rainbow scarves jumping dance is an art form that so few are aware of—and  we must come together to put an end to this glaring oversight! Join me, Sparklers, in giving a voice to the voiceless, a tuba to the tuba-less, and a bird to the bird-less: these are the unsung stars of YouTube.

1. Victorbp12: This guy has some serious talent! He not only HAS an unbelievable voice, but he’s quite the looker as well. He even dedicated one of his videos to the relief efforts in Japan! My favorite video of his would have to be his cover of The Man Who Can’t Be Moved; this guy’s got some pipes!

2. Aleexandraxo: This You-Tuber may have many more views than my unsung friend Victor, but I still consider her pretty unknown! She has a talent for fashion, I swear: everything she shows in her little fashion videos are some of the cutest clothes and fashion ideas this season—I’ve already tried a few myself! My favorite video of hers has got to be her second Spring Fashion video, the clothes are pretty fudging amazing.

3. Salinabear: More fashion! This girl seriously knows how to take a pair of scissors and make some magic. Salinabear makes some pretty incredible (and wearable t-shirts) from oversized or just unliked tees that you have laying around your house!

4. Singing4Disney: Yet another incredible talent! Singing4Disney, however, does not sing in her channel: she does fandubs! Fandubs are where you substitute your voice in for a cartoon characters voice in a movie, and Singing4Disney is pretty good at it—I love her Tiana and Lottie Fandub for the princess and the frog.

So there they are! After months of braving desolate mountain tops, scaling skyscrapers, and folding origami, I am proud to say that I have finally found these unsung talents of YouTube. Now you can  help add to their growing fame!

What do you think of these videos? Who are your favorite unsung You-Tubers?

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