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The Death of Snail Mail

BeastAC might think snail mail beats email, but she still emailed us this post. Just sayin.’ —Sparkitors

As time has progressed, lots of things have died: your pet hamster (your parents said it “ran away”), your favorite iPod (darn that 12-hour battery!), your touch screen cell phone, cursive handwriting… But something even more important than all of these has died—snail mail. No one sends good old-fashioned letters anymore; it’s a dying art. Well, I say we should bring it back! “Why?” you ask. What good are stinky old letters that take forever (a few days) to get to someone when we have cellphones and computers? Well…

1. Letters are more personal. With a letter, you are showing the person of interest that s/he is important enough to be sent an actual, time-consuming letter. The amount of effort put into writing a letter shows that you care about your recipient. She also gets to see YOUR handwriting, not some pixels on a computer or cell phone, which makes your letter seem a lot less…robotic. Plus, seeing your handwriting helps verify that the letter is really from you, which is very helpful in preventing credit fraud.

2. Mail makes people happy. You walk to your mailbox to take out the mail, expecting a bunch of bills, propaganda-filled college brochures, and more bills, when out pops a letter from a friend! You emit a window-breaking shriek because you are so thrilled, and you commence a funky dance in your pajamas. This is just an example of what receiving a letter can do for someone. It makes him feel special, and it makes the day memorable.

3. A letter can be kept forever. Your computer crashes; your cell phone is “accidentally” dropped in the toilet. Yup, we all know technology is very unreliable. Letters, however, can be kept without this supreme dependence on technology. Even when someone’s computer or cell phone dies, she can pop open that box of letters that you sent her 500 years ago, and she will think of you and you only.

4. Letters include more stuff! Emoticons and and little text-creatures are great. Want to know what’s even better? Stickers. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards. CANDY! With letters, you can stuff all that junk in the envelope and send it away to be shared with someone. Can you do this in a text or email? HECK NO!

Do you totally love getting letters? Or do you prefer to be all hi-tech?

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