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Behold the Quest to Make Normal-Sized Barbies Available for Everyone!

You may have heard about Nickolay Lamm’s quest to design a normally proportioned Barbie—a doll where the head isn’t bigger than the torso, the face isn’t wider than the waist, and legs demonstrate at minimum enough skeletal muscle to support the giant bobble-head on top. “Normal” Barbie was welcomed by people across the spectrum, who were all happy to see a toy that didn’t look like it had had a rib removed. Providing kids with healthy models seems an obvious step to shorting negative body-image forces when children are at their most vulnerable.

Nickolay has now created a prototype—”Lammily”—that he is crowd-funding to manufacture himself because, he says, “Toy manufacturers aren’t going to change their designs any time soon.”

In addition to looking less like a golf tee and more like an actual golfer, Lammily has bendy knees, elbows and wrists, unlike Barbie, so she can actually go out and play sports. Her outfits are less something you would see on Halloween (sexy nurses, sexy chefs, whathaveyou), and more something you would wear yourself—denim shorts, for example. She wears “minimal makeup” because she’s already gorgeous. Good message! We approve of all of this!

Personally, I find it bizarre to see an image that could legitimately depict my own body. Why, there are even little thigh filets! (Nickolay used data from the CDC to create a realistic average girl.) Here he is talking about the project:

We are on board!

What do you think about a doll that doesn’t make you feel like a chubby mammoth?