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An Old Film Buff Reviews the Golden Kitty Nominees

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Hello and welcome to our coverage of this year’s Golden Kitty award nominees! As you already know, The Golden Kitty is the top prize at the Internet Cat Video Festival, going to the best cat video of the year! Last year’s winner was the much-lauded performance by Grumpy Cat, who has become an outright star. Now’s your chance to choose the cat star of tomorrow! Here are the nominees along with our reviews:

8 Signs of Addiction, by Sho Ko

First we have this harrowing tale. Documentary elements are seamlessly mixed with written segments in a touching tale of desperation that defies genre. It may be Shorty the Cat’s first role, but watching her, you would think she was born in front of the lens. We live in a society that would prefer to stay in the dark regarding banana addiction, but 8 Signs of Addiction turns on the lights, bangs on a pan and shouts “WAKE UP!”

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats 2.0- The Sequel, by klusman

This avante garde exploration of cat reality is hampered only by its length and its propensity for selecting complex diction beyond the least byzantine possibilities. In a way it exists as a meta-commentary on the nature of cat videos, perhaps symbolizing the nihilistic nature of some feline enthusiasts by denying the viewer any deeper meaning below its clear surface themes.

Gotcha (Попался!), by ignoramusky

Even if you were given this film with no context, it would be clear it hails from Russia. This year’s foreign film nominee for the Golden Kitty could only have been formed in the cold reaches of Eastern Europe. The allegory presented in the cat’s attempted theft feels like a neo-classical take on the early Soviet films of yore: a Battleship Potemkin for the whiskered set.

Jedi Kittens Strike Back, by FinalCutKing

It’s tough to evaluate this film on its own merits. There’s still a lot of love for the 80’s Cat Star Wars and one can’t be sure whether they’re truly measuring this new entry objectively or through the rose colored light-sabers of the past. All we know for sure is that it could have used an appearance from the Meowllenium Falcon.

Milo Wanted Attention, by jahzyoga

An incredible deconstruction of the way our culture views women, cats, yoga, and cat yoga. With heavy use of fixed camera shots, the viewer is brought into the world of the living room, a dark reflection of our own universe where exercising happens and also curious cats happen.

Now that you watched them for yourself and read our reviews, are you ready to vote? Well go right here and scroll down to find out how. Voting is open through July 18th at midnight!

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