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Hold Onto Your Pearls, Kappas: The New Scream Queens Trailer Is Here!

What’s more terrifying than spotting a centipede in your shower while you’re mid- shampoo, Sparklers? VERY FEW THINGS—but this trailer for Scream Queens is one of them!

Scream Queens is the brainchild of Ryan Murphy, the genius behind hit shows like Glee (PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US WE WILL SELL OUR SOUL TO HAVE YOU STAY) and American Horror Story (which has basically ensured that we’ll be having nightmares for the rest of our lives). In Murphy’s latest offering, the story is set at a college campus and centers on an elite sorority that has its fair share of sordid  secrets. Do these secrets include a crazy psycho murderer dressed in a latex devil suit? THEY SURE DO.

The show has an amazing cast, which includes Emma RobertsAriana Grande, Abigail Breslin, Keke PalmerNick Jonas, and Lea Michele in a very unflattering neck brace (EAT YOUR HEART OUT, RACHEL BERRY). And did we mention that it also stars dreamboat extraordinaire Diego Boneta? THE FACE/EYES/PERFECTLY-COIFFED HAIR ON THAT MAN MAKES US SWOON SOMETHIN’ FIERCE.

We can’t wait to watch Scream Queens when it premieres this fall—and just to be on the safe side, we’re going to avoid joining any sororities until then. (And we’re also obviously going to use the phrase “Good evening, idiot hookers” every chance we get, because COME ON.)

What do you think of this trailer? Will you watch Scream Queens this fall? Is Diego Boneta the MOST HANDSOME MAN YOU’VE EVER LAID EYES ON?!