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Detractors Gonna Detract: The Week’s Celebrity Gossip, Featuring SAT Vocabulary

Tired of parents and teachers who say “celebrity news is insipid drivel that corrodes your brain”? You can shake off their negativity (and become more erudite in the process) by perusing the only celebrity news roundup that features SAT vocabulary words.

Award shows are often somniferous, but Miley Cyrus can make anything exciting. Her racy vestments and undulating dance moves are sometimes deemed too salacious. Rolling Stone just released a list of all the complaints made to the FCC about her ribald display at the 2015 VMAs. Judging by Miley’s unflappable attitude, she probably isn’t bothered by the querulous critics.

Taylor Swift took time out of her hectic schedule to rendezvous with seven-year-old super-fan and dancing prodigy Dylan. The two showed off their maneuvers to “Shake it Off” with much gusto.

Heroes come in all shapes and magnitudes. Pizza Rat became an Internet phenomenon when a video of the ravenous rodent hauling a slice of pizza down the stairs of the NYC subway went viral. Now Pizza Rat has a contender for the title of “Internet’s Favorite Gluttonous Scavenger”: Milkshake Squirrel, who joined the menagerie of adorable vermin on YouTube by furtively purloining a milkshake from a Shake Shack dumpster.

J.K. Rowling posted an account of the Potter family history on Pottermore. Despite its brevity, the story is of interest to any who may have wondered how Harry’s family vault became so opulent.

Viola Davis gave a powerful speech on racial disparity in the entertainment industry upon receipt of her Emmy for “Best Lead Actress in a Drama.” She is the first black woman to receive this award.

Lady Gaga may no longer be at her zenith, but her music videos are still powerful and relevant. The video for “Till it Happens to You” raises awareness about rape at academic institutions.

Will Smith celebrated the birthday of his wife Jada by lauding her in a Facebook post which described how enamored he still is after all these years.

Do you feel more sagacious and diligent already?