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What the Harry Potter Stars Look Like Now


I am deeply fascinated and somewhat disturbed by the aging process. Whenever I realize someone who used to be 8 is now 26, I am shocked. This is probably because I looked roughly the same between the ages of 9 and 21, at which point I got a hair straightener, but I digress.

This happens with people I went to high school with, certain relatives I only see once a year, and—of course—child actors. I am never more shocked than when child actors grow up to become adults who actually know what to do with their hair. The Harry Potter actors in particular are an affront to me personally. Look, I get that time passes unceasingly onward and we are all just whiling away our time before the grave, but you guys don’t have to REMIND ME OF THOSE THINGS BY GETTING OLDER.

Anyway, here’s what the cast of Harry Potter has the AUDACITY to look like now.