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Who Said It: Ayn Rand or Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada?

I have little doubt that Miranda Priestly and Ayn Rand would get along just fine if they were left alone for forty-five minutes. Initially, there would be mutual hostility, because obviously, but eventually they would realize they are both terrible people in a way that’s kind of fascinating, that they both worship capitalism, that they both have a deep appreciation for all things fashionable.

(I know Ayn Rand was all about shapeless dresses and short, no-nonsense bobs, but would you just look at this description from Atlas Shrugged: “She wore a wine-colored dinner gown, an imitation of an Empire traveling suit, with a miniature double-breasted jacket gripping her high waistline over the long sweep of the skirt, and a small hat clinging to one ear, with a feather sweeping down to curl under her chin.” The woman knew her wine-colored dinner gowns!)

Anyway! Now that we’ve established that Ayn Rand and Miranda Priestly are basically one and the same, can you tell them apart?

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