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5 Scary PSAs to Set You Straight

We tried to be nice. We tried to make an honest effort as “responsible adults” and educate you on the dangers of drug abuse, but you think it’s all a big game, don’t ya? Well guess what, wise guy—we’re bringing out the heavy artillery with these five PSAs guaranteed to scare you so straight, you’ll make a Mormon missionary look like a street thug! (Remember: We do this because we care.)

1) Scary Monkey Anti-Heroin PSA

National records from the 1970s show a downturn in children’s willingness to experiment with drugs, this coinciding with a sharp uptick in juvenile cases of monkey-related phobias.


2) Ssssnake Man Anti-Drug PSA

All we’re saying is: If your dealer is turning into a snake man right in front of you, then you’re dealing with some serious problems already.


3) Creepy Canadian Puppets Anti-Drug PSA

A flawless execution of a two-pronged anti-drug strategy: Bombard kids at home with a montage of Hendrix and Elvis pics (their subversive music is the DEVIL’S work!), then finish with a puppet suffering from severe pinkeye. Pat yourself on the back, Canada!


4) Flat Out Weird Anti-Marijuana PSA

“This is the way it’s been since she started smoking pot… and the steamroller incident. I honestly can’t remember which since it all happened so fast, but, yeah, here we are.”


5) Face the Facts Anti-Drug PSA

So was anyone else’s immediate thought, “portrait gallery from the Haunted Mansion”? Just us, then?


Which PSA do you think is the creepiest?