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50 Essay Topics for the Most SparkNoted Books

The worst part about writing an essay is coming up with the topic. You COULD argue that the actual worst part of writing an essay is, well, writing it, and you’d be right to, but I needed a quick, snappy way to start this post and besides, I can’t just write your essay for you. That would be lunacy. What I CAN do is give you some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Disclaimer: don’t forget to double-check the assignment. Your teacher may be asking for something specific, like a persuasive essay, an argument essay, a compare-and-contrast essay, a character analysis, a synthesis essay, etc. Make sure you know what kind of essay you’re writing before you start writing it, lest you lose points on your paper and get kicked out of school forever.

And before anyone says it, no, I didn’t come up with essay topics for every single book that has ever existed. I’m just a person. But let me know what books you guys are tackling as we begin that inexorable march into the void (otherwise known as “the end of the school year”), and I’ll see what I can do.