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6 Cute Christmas Sweaters

Winter is the reason sweaters exist. They’re warm, cozy, and the perfect way to cover your horrible fashion sense (“Um, yeah, it’s supposed to be an ugly Christmas sweater! You know, funny and ironic because that’s in right now. It’s not like this is my favorite sweater of all time and if I had a choice I would super glue pom poms to all my outfits! Duuuuh!”). If you’re looking for a cute pullover to drink your cocoa in, take a look at these babies:

Sometimes you don’t need to go crazy with the patterns. Forever 21 has a cute knit sweater that is simple, yet beautiful. The simplicity also allows you to accessorize with whatever you want!

The best time to wear a striped sweater is… all the time. Not only is this one from A’GACI adorable, but also has a cowl neck, which is much more flattering than a turtleneck. It’s basically a win-win situation. Be sure to brush up on your SpongeBob, because this sweater will definitely bring on a dork challenge between you and anyone who had an awesome childhood.

Put some sparkle in the season with a glittery sweater from Kohl’s! The shimmer and shine from your sweater is a great way to stand out and look feminine without going overboard. Plus, if you go to a party, you’ll literally shine on the dance floor.

We all need to have an item of clothing with some sort of winter pattern, and luckily H&M has just the sweater for us. The snowflake design is perfect for the season, and the Christmas and winter colors are gorgeous! This sweater would look great both indoors and out.

Sweater Dress
Target has the cutest sweater dress ever! I love the buttons on the sleeves! Wearing a sweater dress with leggings and boots is a great way to dress up during the winter and still keep warm. Throw on a scarf and you’ve got yourself a cute, chic, chill-defying outfit. Hooray for alliteration!

Ugly holiday sweaters in Christmas are what punny costumes are to Halloween. There’s always gotta be one, and since no one else is clever, it might as well be you. Assuming there’s no thrift store near you, get an adorably ugly holiday cardigan from Urban Outfitters.