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6 Reasons Alden Ehrenreich Is Your Future Husband

You know why Alden Ehrenreich is destined to be your husband? No, not because of his razor-sharp jawline and piercing eyes—stop being so shallow, gosh. It’s because just like you, he is a proud nerd who reads three books at once! And that’s just the beginning.

I got to meet your future life partner, along with Alice Englert, this week (and despite my terror, my iPhone did not explode, and no one made fun of my leopard print shirt). Within seconds, it was clear that Alden is destined to be a Sparkler spouse. Here’s why:

1. He’s nice.
Unlike many grumpy celebrities you’re considering marrying, Alden looks you in the eye, shakes your hand, and melts you with his devilish grin answers all your questions enthusiastically. These qualities will come in handy after you guys have pledged to love each other for all eternity.

2. He reads multiple books at once.
Just like a Sparkler, Alden reads “a minimum” of three books at a time. Right now, he’s reading “a Peter Falk autobiography called One More Thing; One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez; and a collection of Joan Didion nonfiction, The White Album,” which he said is incredible. I told him all about you guys and your passionate opinions on how many books to read at once, and he straight-up scoffed at the idea of reading just one book at a time. “It’s like saying, oh, you should only listen to one album until you’re sick of it. No, you’re in different moods—sometimes I want to read nonfiction, sometimes I want to read fiction.”

3. He was a big theater geek in high school.
And at Crossroads, where Alden went to school, the theater geeks were the cool kids! He was in a “non-obnoxious theater posse” that put on scene nights and acted in Chekhov plays. Swoon!

4. He doesn’t want to be famous.
People are saying Alden is destined to be the next Robert Pattinson, but your future husband is worried that too much celebrity will mess with his craft. “When you’re an actor, you’re looking out at real people to understand how they behave, and when everyone around you starts to reflect you, and acting not real, you lose your material.”

5. He’s smart.
Here is a sentence he said: “It’s not something that I’m worried about so much as conscious of and determined to fight my way through to sustain a level of potency in my creative life.” DOUBLE SWOON!

6. He has a razor-sharp jawline and piercing eyes.
I mean, it’s not like that’s the only reason you guys are going to fall in love, but it doesn’t hurt.

Are you convinced? Is Alden Ehrenreich your one and only?

p.s. Beautiful Creatures is in theaters TONIGHT! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.