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A Short Guide to Flirting on Facebook Walls

One of the most important skills high schoolers master—or attempt to master—is flirting. It may seem silly, but as social creatures we all have an instinct to find companionship—and that starts with flirting. While in the good ol’ days most flirting happened in hallway chats or notes passed in class, modern technology has created an entirely new social arena that renders all previous flirting avenues basically obsolete. I am of course talking about the Facebook wall. To help you avoid a faux pas, we at SparkLife have broken down popular FB flirting strategies into this handy list:

Type: The Seemingly Innocuous Question Flirt

Example: “Hey, do we have any math homework? I wrote it down in my planner, but I left my planner in my locker, ugh….”

Pros: This popular technique lets the object of your desire know that you were thinking about him or her, but doesn’t sound too threatening or high pressure. You could have asked anyone in the whole class, but you chose to ask this one person. And who doesn’t like to feel special like that?
Cons: One common pitfall with this strategy is using it too much. One wall post about homework is harmless; one every day of the week three weeks in a row is stalkerish. Plus, it makes you seem like you’re a flake who isn’t good at remembering to take his planner home.

Type: The Short Declarative Flirt
Examples: “What up?” / “Yo!” / “I am posting on your wall now.”
Pros: This method is sort of like a little piece of flirt bait: you throw something out there and hope you get a bite. This is a good way to see if your affection is reciprocated without putting yourself out on too much of  a limb. Maybe your crush will take the bait and reply in kind with something like a “Not much. U?” or a “Hey-ey!” or even a “Now I am the one who is posting on your wall.” But if not, no worries. There are other fish in those waters who might take your bait yet!
Cons: This method can sometimes backfire if not used in conjunction with actual, face-to-face social interactions. A “Yo!” from someone you talk to in English class every day feels like a friendly online greeting; a “Yo!” from someone you vaguely remember from chemistry class last year feels more like an unprompted act of cyber aggression.

Type: The Future Plans Inquiry Flirt
Example: “Hey! Are you going to Josh’s?”
Pros: Straight and to the point. Lets the person you like know that you’re interested in knowing what he or she is doing this weekend, most likely because you’d like to be a part of those plans.
Cons: Because it’s made in a public forum, such a wall post also lets the rest of the world know that you are interested in being a part of the wall owner’s weekend plans. If come Saturday night your status update is about eating popsicles alone in your basement, an astute observer will know that your attempt at wall flirting was less than fruitful.

Type: The Commenting On a Post Without Actually Saying Anything Flirt
Examples: “haha” / “totes” / “:-)”
Pros: One of the safer flirting options, you avoid the risk of saying the wrong thing by making self-evident statements as if they were actually thoughtful commentary.
Cons: You aren’t actually saying anything. You’d be better off just posting a YouTube link to your favorite cute puppy video. Come to think of it, that is actually probably a pretty good way to flirt.

How do you flirt on Facebook walls?

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