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An Explosion of Awesome

Our office is exploding with awesome. And you guys are responsible.

Here’s the thing: You Sparklers have sent us soooo much cool stuff that we just can’t keep it in any longer. Some of the links haven’t appeared on Awesome Thing of the Week because they’ve been viewed a zillion times, or because they are a teensy bit too raunch for daytime TV internet. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome!!!

The following is a list of links that are pretty amazing, but for one reason or another didn’t get featured as an official Awesome Thing. We figured it would be better to make room in our inbox for new stuff in 2010 rather than keep hopeful Sparklers waiting to hear about that thing they sent us in July.

As always, we welcome your favorite links and YouTube videos at Now that we’ve cleaned out the box, we have more room than ever to take your suggestions!

Stuff You May Have Already Seen

Titanic in 5 Seconds, from SongByrd94

This awesome paint guy, from right_writer

Those autotune guys, from a mystery Sparkler

Simon’s Cat from Em2659

Mario Song, from right_writer

Party in the FIP, from MaggieGirl2013

Sand Drawing, from a mystery Sparkler

All the Single Babies from a mystery Sparkler

Sheep LED Art, from lotttts of Sparklers

Nick Pitera: Videos 1, 2, and 3, from Brittany

Legos, from SeventhSide

Acapella, from annnnienguyen

OK Go’s Treadmill Video, from the_fat_mango

Amazing chalk drawings from AnnaBB44

Let’s Be Friends from buttercup32

Lots of Improve Everywhere, including Food Court Musical

Kinda Trippy

6th Sense Technology, from prsprosdaughter

Adventure time, from a mystery Sparkler

Word Count, from lavendercrayons

from the dark past, from amazedg

Scintallation, from kerakachowe

Jell-O Time from a mystery Sparkler

DDR like Woah, from Alygirlrockz16

We Should Have Put These Up a Long Time Ago

Moscow, from marmellow

Guitar smacking, from crazyjessie05

Michael Jackson is Mario, from AnnaBB44 (but there’s an F bomb written at the end.)

<3 Charlie <3, from roo.bear

Potentially NOT Mom-Approved (for implied swears, a few real swears, censored sexy stuff, and a smack in the head)

New Moon Deleted Scenes from Coral_Sharx

The Count Censored, from bell_candy33

Hey Marine, from villanous_mwaha

Llamas with Hats, also from lots of Sparklers, but not as many as the sheep

…annnnnd some Yale from a mystery Sparkler with a very awesomely spelled first name (which we can’t disclose without her permission).

Which is your favorite?!

If you didn’t see your Awesome Thing here, it may have been removed (like a lot Jersey Shore vids, sadly) or it may still be in the Awesome Thing bin. Feel free to email and ask!