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An Honest Letter to Santa

Dear Santa (or the idea of Santa),

I know you do not exist. However, that will not stop me from expressing my deepest Christmas wishes to you via this letter. I think the “idea” of you is sound. You’re a nice and jolly man, who lives only to bring joy upon his fellow man. I like that. And although you are portrayed as a white guy, I do think you try to keep Christmas equal for all children on the world, and for that I applaud you.

However, I feel like your acts of kindness  are too near-sighted. Sure, you can bring joy to someone’s life with an iPhone 6 or an Urban Decay Naked Palette 3, but materialism, and glitter pigmented eyeshadows, are fleeting. What we should really be working towards is healing ourselves from the inside out, starting with a fetch new pair of Toms shoes. Reaching out to our fellow human beings and stopping the real injustices of the world.

Instead of eating the milk and cookies how about you leave some food behind for us? Forty percent of the world is malnourished and hungry. If you just left one bag of rice in each living room, you could be feeding millions and saving yourself from Type 2 Diabetes. If you left us a Whole Foods gift card, we could spend that money on exotic treats like kale chips and truffled honey.

Ten million American homes cannot afford heat. How about instead of coming down the chimney, and inadvertently putting your support behind non-renewable energy sources, you advocate for more wind turbines, get into the t-shirt quilt business, and drop us some cash for matching fleece reindeer onesies? Nothing warms the heart more than actual heat. That would be a great gesture of holiday cheer.

And finally, don’t concern yourself with the who’s been naughty or nice so much. Sometimes, good people do bad things. Sometimes, all someone need is a person to listen to them rant about who is driving them crazy on their dorm floor. So instead of going down a list of names over and over again and writing off someone based solely on their acts spend that time going out and talking to these “naughty kids.” Let them know there is someone out there who cares. Let them know that they are not alone. Maybe, with a little kindness and effort you can turn these naughty kids into nice kids forever. Or at least see them through to off-campus housing.

Thanks for reading my letter Santa. And if there’s a small chance you really do exist, I would like a Xbox One for Christmas.