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Applying to College? Let Us Help.

Applying to college is stressful. You wade through the SAT and maybe a few APs, and that’s bad enough; then you get to the FAFSA, and the essay, and the school visits, and you realize your troubles are only beginning. And there are so many varieties of stress!

Maybe you’re at a ritzy private school where everyone will scorn you unless you get into an Ivy; maybe your dad lost his job recently and you’re looking at four long years at a soulless state university in a town you hate; maybe your mom wants you to be pre-med, but you want to move to Manhattan and act, dammit, and you know you have a calling and enough talent to get somewhere. Hanging over the whole undertaking like a black cloud is the knowledge that college is supposed to be The Best Four Years of Your Life, and the Beginning of Your Brilliant Career, and the Place Where You Make Lifelong Friends. The stress is enough to give anyone a panic attack.

We want to make the whole thing a little easier with this blog, The College Advisor. We’ve got Corinne, a college admissions officer, and Brandon, an expert on financial aid; they’ll both post here with advice, help, and answers to your questions. They’re excited to hear from you! Pepper them with questions at And try not to feel too stressed; you Sparklers are a smart, funny, and interesting bunch of kids, and you’re gonna do great in college, we just know it.