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Awesome Thing of the Week

Today we went to our Awesome Thing inbox and it was totally full. In fact, warm, sweet-n-salty gooey awesomey-ness was pouring over the top, and some dripped on our shoes.

So tomorrow, we clean out the Awesome Thing inbox and serve up the results in one ginormous Amazing-Links-That-for-Some-Reason-Didn’t-Make-It-to-Awesome-Thing-Status post!

But for today (because it’s getting late and certain editors have dinner dates…can you tell we’re hungry?), what do you think of THIS AWESOME THING, brought to you by Sparkler fiercepolarbear7?:

Last week, you guys were all “four point one seven,” about Awesome Thing, which puts the fake 70s chase scene right in the middle of a dude getting hit by a car and pureed chicken nuggets on The Scale of Awesomeness. Which is fine with us; we’ve been waiting a long time to type that sentence.

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