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Awesome Thing of the Week

Last week, when we were cleaning out our Awesome Thing inbox, we found a link that we’d totally forgotten about, even though we LOL-ed our butts off every time it was sent to us.

We probably never put up this hilarious parody because it doesn’t have an embed code, so you have to go HERE to watch it. But the thing is, we cannot let this viral vid remain unwatched by you Sparklers any longer. It’s just that good. So go here. Or here. Or anywhere—it’s all the same link!

Thanks to Sparkler musirid, who most recently sent us this week’s vid and bothered to check up on its Awesome Thing status, and to any other Sparkler who sent it to us a while ago! Don’t forget to rate Web Site Story on the -10 to 10 scale in the comments!

Last week’s Awesome Thing almost made our eyes pop out of our lumpy editor heads. We can’t even throw a ball six inches into the air and catch with two empty, unoccupied hands, let alone catch it on our toes while we’re doing a twisty handstand. And we’ve been to the Olympics! (As spectators, but still!)

Anyway, you guys obviously like this girl because you gave her video a 9.22 on the Scale of Awesomeness. How does Web Site story compare?