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Books are Nothing

Now, hold on. I imagine you either just shouted “BLASPHEMY!” or almost physically attacked your computer for even allowing those words to appear on your screen (unless you don’t like reading…in which case, BLASPHEMY!). Trust me, I thought the same thing when the idea first popped into my head. After I finished arguing with myself (no, we’re *ahem* I’m not crazy), I finally understood, so just hear me out. 

Books are really only words printed on paper and bound; books don’t mean or do anything. Until someone picks it up, reads it, and experiences it. Until that moment when a reader connects with what the author was trying to convey or when they come up with an interpretation of their own, books are useless.

Imagine a world where there were authors, but no readers. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Without one, the other doesn’t exist. This applies even if there are authors and readers. If neither party is willing to have an open mind to hear what each other has to say, then no one has gained anything.

Books are meant to change lives, but there’s more to it than that. They are meant to end old, dull ones and inspire new, exciting ones filled with adventure and absolutely anything imaginable. Books are meant to take away your worldly problems and take you to a whole new world where they don’t even exist. Books can teach us lessons that nothing else can. With books, we can fall in love, get heartbroken, die and come back to life, go on crazy, unbelievable adventures, and meet many amazing people (or creatures) along the way.

But books can only do all of these things if they are read and felt. So go, read. Bring a book to life.