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Books Week Is Coming!

Get ready, Sparklers, because what might be the best week ever is coming up on SparkLife! And no, it’s not Bacon Week. It’s Books Week! We’re going to spend the entire week of June 11 through 15 being even more dedicated to books than we already are. And that’s impressive! Since we know how much you all love books, here are a few ways you can get involved with Books Week:

  • Send us a post about your favorite book! Tell us about the book, why you read it, why it’s your favorite, or how it changed your life. We’re dying to know!
  • Give us a list of books you love. Hey, it’s time for summer reading! We could all use a few good book suggestions, so send us a list of all the books at the top of your must-read list. We know you have one.
  • Tell us which books you hate. Everyone loves a good controversy, and there’s no better way to start one than talking about the books you’d burn if you could. Which books should your fellow Sparklers stay away from this summer?
  • Anything else you can think of. Got a book-related idea we didn’t mention? We’d love to see it!

Just send your Books Week posts in to with “Books Week” as the subject, and we’ll take it from there! And get excited, Sparklers—this is going to be AMAZING.

Got any great ideas for Books Weeks? Send ’em to us here!