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Camp Electric: The Final Chapter!

Metalhead865’s time at his awesome summer camp comes to an end; was it everything he hoped it would be? (PS. That’s him in the pic! Doesn’t he look like a total rock star?)—Sparkitors

Day 4 (July 20)
Time: 5:34 PM (Central)
Location: Concert hall
Mood: Bring it!!!

So far, today’s been super fun. I had to sit alone at morning worship, but the guitar clinic was led by Jared Camp (Jeremy Camp’s brother) and veteran Camp Electric teacher Randy Williams, who were absolutely hilarious and knew a lot about gear. Lunch was okay, and the afternoon concert was teenage singer-songwriter Moriah Peters and worship band Cloverton. Fun stuff.

Today’s guitar class was really awesome, too. A guy named Paul Shearer taught it, and he taught us a lot of stuff (scales, modes, etc.) that I would never have been able to stay awake for if it hadn’t been for this guy—he was an absolute laugh riot. Now I actually know—and care—what a Mixolydian mode is.

And now I’m bored in the concert hall during The Museum’s soundcheck. Man, I hope I get up front again for Disciple. Later!

Time: I don’t know what time it is, and I don’t exactly care at the moment
Location: Dorm
Mood: Exhausted

Last night of camp was AMAZING. Moriah and Cloverton came back for another round, and New York pastor Tom Richter gave an absolutely hilarious sermon on the six hundred and something commandments in the book of Leviticus. (” ‘Thou shalt not wear a shirt woven of two or more materials.’ You hear that, you poly-cotton PAGANS?!?”)

And then the fun began.

I had been extremely bummed that I didn’t get to sing one of the songs I’d written at the afternoon Open Mike. But tonight more than made up for it.

Disciple came out onto the stage before the show and did their soundcheck, and let us annoy them with questions while they did—they even posed for pictures. Then they actually started the concert and they KILLED IT. And yes, I made it up front again. which explains why I got to see this:

Kevin from Disciple. One of the coolest people EVER.

I kept jumping on people’s feet, but they didn’t seem to mind. Kevin even did some crowdsurfing and took a cell-phone video of us jumping up and down to “Rise Up.” And after they left, our cheers were so loud that they came right back on to play one of their really, really old hits, “The Wait Is Over.” And when the concert ended, the fun was only starting.

I picked up a CD and a poster, and then Disciple had to put their own stuff away, so they let us hang out in the concert hall and talk to them. And Andrew, their guitarist, remembered me from last year, thanks to my Ghostbusters shirt. Apparently they needed some help taking stuff out to their bus, and guess who got to roll a few speakers outside? I was so happy, and when Kevin finally finished toweling off and came out to hang with us, it only got awesomer. He agreed to give my SparkNotes BFF Animated_Apathy a video shout-out. (Post-camp note: And she LOVED IT!!!) Quote from Kevin: “I’m standing here with your good friend…He obviously thinks you’re pretty special.” And that was exactly the point I wanted to get across.

I’ll just say, between the video, finding Kevin, meeting everyone at camp, and singing “Mighty To Save” at Rock With The Band (and not failing miserably), I’ve definitely found my confidence pants. Camp Electric has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and I can’t wait to go back next year…and it isn’t even OVER yet.

July 21
Time: 1:42 PM (Central)
Mood: Satisfied

Sad but true: camp is over. But I had a great week; I made new friends, hung out with some of my favorite musicians, and found my confidence pants. And I got a little more Jesus in my life, which should please the parents.

John Nix and the Museum led our final worship service, and John closed by reading us “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss. And as is camp tradition, when he finished, we all started chanting, “One more verse! One more verse!” and he came back for an encore Bible verse.

After worship, I said goodbye to my friends, got a picture wearing Electra’s costume hair (I think I look pretty good in it, if you ask me) and bought two more CDs from The Museum before getting in the car and finally leaving.

To finish this off, I just want to say that camp was an amazing experience that I don’t think I’m going to forget soon. Thank you, John Nix, Kutless, TobyMac, Thousand Foot Krutch, Sanctus Real, and Disciple for making this year amazing. And thanks to all you Sparklers out there for all the kind words and encouragement. I’m definitely going to keep writing, so stay tuned!

See you on the web!

(Post-camp note: Thanks to you guys for following along with my camp posts, and I hope to see some of you Sparklers there next year!)

We’re so glad Metalhead had such a killer time—and how cute is it that he got a real rock star to do a shout-out for his favorite Sparkler?

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