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Chat Between Dracula and Frankenstein

We know that Frankenstein is the scientist, and Frankenstein’s MONSTER is the green guy, but for simplicity’s sake, we’re just calling him Frankenstein in this Halloween G Chat.

Frankenstein: Dude! Its been so long!

Dracula: OMG Fran. What you been up to?

Frankenstein: Just traveling across Antarctica. I have really bad reception here so I’m surprised I’m picking you up. I haven’t talked to anyone in seems like years. Since Switzerland, I think.

Dracula: You haven’t heard about the Invisible Man, then?

Frankenstein: What? What’s up?

Dracula: He died.


Dracula: I’m sorry. I would’ve told you in person, but… you know.

Frankenstein: Did he die well?

Dracula: Got killed by a mob.

Frankenstein: I hate those. But then again, he was a mad scientist, and I hate those too. How is Gregor?

Dracula: Samsa? Metamorphosis-guy?

Frankenstein: Yeah.

Dracula: He’s dead too.

Frankenstein: No! Did an angry mob kill him too?

Dracula: No. He got killed by the desire to not burden his family. And an apple. He got killed by an apple too.

Frankenstein: …ok.

Dracula: So.

Frankenstein: What are you doing these days? Still rooming in Transylvania?

Dracula: I moved to England. I’m trying to start a sort of vampire revival, you know?

Frankenstein: Cool! Hey man, I gotta go. My creator is pursuing me to the ends of the earth.

Dracula: Yeah, I better go too. Going to hang out with my girl.

Frankenstein: You have a girlfriend?

Dracula: Yeah. Her name’s Lucy.

Frankenstein: I want a girlfriend. I tried to threaten my creator into making one but he got sassy and destroyed the work-in-progress so I killed his wife.

Dracula: Geez, dude. Maybe if you hung out with normal people you’d get a normal girlfriend.

Frankenstein: Oh please. Tell me that when you and your girlfriend are “hanging out,” she’s actually awake.

Dracula: I really should go. Later hater