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Choose Your SparkNotes Flag: Round 1A

You may not know this, but SparkNotes has a (fictional) academy.

It’s either called “SparkLife Academy” or “SparkNotes Academy” (we’re undecided). It is certainly not called “The Academy for Untethered Unicorns and Drippy Sea Hags,” which the Board of Education deemed inappropriate because there was already a school by that name down the block.

Recently, you Sparklerheads voted that our school colors should be purple, turquoise, and silver. We’re obviously going for “subtle-and-understated chic.” Now all we need is some iridescent, neon patent leather and we can start making uniforms. But that’s for later.

NOW, we must choose a flag. A few weeks ago, us Sparkitors asked you guys to submit designs, and hoo boy, we got a ton. Which is awesome! Because now we have options.

Soooooo, we’re gonna run this contest bracket style. What is bracket style? It’s a dress made of staples! It’s a way of choosing a winner that looks like this. Here’s how it works: Each day (until we run out of flags) we’ll show you several flag options, and you can vote on your favorite in the comments. Each Sparkler gets one vote per set of flags, and flags designers will be kept anonymous for the first round. After the first round, we’ll pit winners of previous rounds against each other to come out with the overall winner—and the officially unofficial SparkNotes Academy flag. Sound halfway decent? We’ll take it! Now, get voting!

Today’s options are…