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College Admissions Book Giveaway!

Lillian Luterman and Jennifer Bloom (they’re a mother-daughter team!) have been helping kids apply to college for 20 years, and now they’ve published a book called In! College Admissions and Beyond (check out the FB page here), which argues something surprising:

It’s the well-rounded students who often get rejected. Apparently, colleges want not the all-around great applicants, but the students who stand out because of their passion for one thing (our thing would be Cheez-Its; oh, the application essay we could write on those orange squares of magic!).

Do you have one passion, or are you more of a student-of-all trades?

…And would you like a copy of In! for free? First 25 people to comment get one!

(If you’re one of the 25, email from the email address associated with your SparkNotes account. Tell me your username and home address, and I’ll pop your copy in the mail!)