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Cute Thing of the Week

It’s Child Prodigy Week on SparkLife! The diaper-wearing folk of the world are getting some cute cred this week thanks to a few adorable videos sent to us by LOTViolists and a Lemonxing.

That’s right, we’re bringing you a caption-worthy photo (isn’t she sweet? Sweet…and vicious?), plus two videos for your Cute Thing-viewing pleasure. Before you get all caught up in these YoutTube gems, what caption do you think best fits this little computer girl? Leave your caption in the comments!

From LOTViolists:

From Lemonxing:

Last week’s photo of a few good monkeys inspired you guys to write some fabtions (fab captions):

“Those frogs stole our idea! The real name of the game is leap-MONKEY!” by synchrogirl117

“On your marks, get set, go! First one who evolves to be a human wins,” by AP_Nerd

“Baby Got Back,” by 2emalha

“Being a monkey does NOT mean your farts smell like bananas. Promise,” by smarty1235

“Alright, dude, are you gonna go or do you need a push?” by Coffinmaker

“Must… resist urge… to eat bug… on Steve’s back…,” by guitarlover123

“Hey, Dude…… Did you know you have a butt back here???” by army_brat913

“You see something you like?”
“Yeah.. that flea on your butt.”

by mvchick34

“Uum… Steve, is that your wife smooching the gardener down there?” by checkersocks

and our newest member of the Cute Thing Hall of Fame is…….