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Decorate Your Bedroom On a Dime

Recently I looked around at my bare white walls, white tables, and white and wooden furniture and thought, “My room resembles a hospital or psych ward!”

Decorating your room can be expensive, but I went thrifting to find personal touches that wouldn’t break the bank. For just about $20, I transformed my dull room into a space that’s fun to be in and pleasing to the eye. As you go thrifting, make sure you pick up things that attract you for a reason. You don’t want to just clutter up your room or give it a thrift shop vibe.

(Painting, Salvation Army, $7)

First off, I started with my tabletop. I love my desk for its simplicity: it’s just a slab of wood affixed to four no-fuss legs. This portrait was hanging on the wall at at the Salvation Army, and it caught my fancy. I asked if it was for sale. Since there was no price on the item, the associate had to check with her manager, who priced it at just seven dollars!

I can’t tell if the girl in the painting is holding a fishbowl or a jar of candy. Whatever it may be, it amuses me and brings some color into my work space.

(Village People record, Goodwill, $1)

The next area I wanted to decorate was my bookshelf. Though I don’t own a record player (yet), I have a collection of about 50 or so records, ranging from a live recording of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues to a collection of orchestra tracks by Claude Debussy. I spotted this hilarious Village People album at Goodwill and paid a dollar for it! I may arrange a set of record albums on my wall, too. Records are cheap, so take a look—you may find a cover that inspires you.

(Horse photo, $5 and Tribal print mat, set of two for $8, both from Urban Jungle)

The last area I focused on was my bedside table, which is where I normally keep odd junk that doesn’t really have a place anywhere else. After cleaning and organizing, I was left with a bare space that begged for decorating. I found this kitschy horse photo at one of my favorite vintage stores, Urban Jungle. To complement the photo, I chose a pair of these mats.

My experience with buying secondhand decorations makes me want to try and find some vintage and antique furniture for the living room. I’ll be shopping around to see what I can get my hands on!

*Photos by Apneet

What does your bedroom look like?

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