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Does This Movie Look Too Scary?

Sparklers, we need your advice. And by “we,” I mean me and Chelsea Dagger. You see, we both like scary movies…but not too scary. We like to be frightened…but we hate to lie awake at 3 a.m., convinced a monster is going to crawl out of our DVD player and eat our faces. When in doubt, we’d rather read a detailed recap of a horror movie than see the horror movie with our own eyes.

So when we saw the trailer for “The Conjuring,” we found ourselves in a classic Horror Movie Lover/Hater dilemma. This movie doesn’t look that terrifying…but maybe it is! There’s no blood or punching in the preview…but who knows what’s in the basement?? We think we could probably handle it…but what if we’re kidding ourselves? See for yourselves:

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What do you think, Sparklers? Can Chelsea and I handle this movie? Do you think you can handle it?