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Hey there! I’m assuming if you clicked on this post you’re interested in bringing Sparklife back! *cue Justin Timberlake’s Bringing Sexy back*

Anyway… I AM TOO… and so are a bunch of us! So with that we are being the SPARKLER REVOLUTION *said in big booming announcer voice*

Our first step? WE’RE GOING TO FLOOD THE SPARKLER POST SECTION WITH SOME FAN-FREAKING-AS-AWESOME-AS-CANDY-SPAGHETTI-POSTS! That means any original pieces of work you have: stories, poems, song lyrics, interviews (with imaginary and/or real people), book and movie reviews, plays START MAKING POSTS AND POSTING THEM. We’re going to restore this section to it’s former glory!

That being said, I’m also going to try to bring some of my favorite (and your favorite) posts back! Think of it as Retro Sparklife. The first one (and one of my absolute favorites) is the “Day In A Life Of…” series! I will post an article first AND THEN I WANT YOU TO DO THE SAME. Tell us what a day in your life is like? You can either post your own (i stole this image off google image if you want to use it) – just be sure to tag this “a day in the life of” so we can all find them in one place! If you rather, you are more than welcome to PM me your post and I will post one of them a week (or maybe twice a week if we have the supply). Look through the old spark life posts for reference if you’re unsure of the format!

Let’s start this guys! My post will be going up in the next week! Keep looking for it. What were some of your favorite posts? What other articles do you want us to bring back? [I’m thinking Commitee of Cool? Yes?]