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When will we see a generation of change,

When will woman be able to live without fear,

Woman should not fear to go places and make decisions,

Woman should be able to say ‘no’ and not have to say why


If I ever have a daughter I want her to be able to spread her wings and fly,

Instead of being caged inside like a bird, out of fear of what may happen,

I want her to see there is good in the world and that she will not be harmed,

I want her to be able to say ‘no’ and that is enough


But why do we focus on the women so much,

Why do we not start raising our sons to be respectful,

When did this idea of ‘men’ be pigs and fearful seem normal,

Why can a man just never accept ‘no’ as an answer


If I ever have a son I will raise him to respect women,

I can begin to raise a new generation,

A generation in which a male CAN accept ‘no’

Without expecting a reply


If I have a son he will be respectful and fearful

Not in the way one may compare to today,

He will make other men fear him,

Other men will want to run away


For if I have a daughter and son,

And a man hurts my daughter,

They will fear not only me and my husband,

But my son as well,


He will be taught to love without harming anyone,

He will learn to be respectful and do the right thing,

My son will be good and fight for good,

I will be proud to have such a son,


I know there are men out there, who are not bad,

Saying all men are bad is a generalization,

Still I should not have to carry car keys in between my fingers,

Especially when I’m walking alone to my car at night


I should not be told ‘you cannot wear that because it shows your stomach’

God forbid I let people know I have skin,

I should be able to wear what I want,

Without the fear I’ll be raped or killed cause I was “asking for it”


When did cat calling from a car be deemed as acceptable

You don’t see me yelling out the window at attractive guys

One because it just seems really weird

But two because it just isn’t right


So yes I write this for women,

But also for men as well,

I want my future kids to live in a society where girls don’t have to be so scared

And guys are actually respectful and good to women


Enough of this “oh she’s moody cause she’s on her period”

No, I’m moody cause you are pissing me off,

Enough of this “she was dressed this way so she was asking for it”

Enough is enough, can’t we be the generation to CHANGE it all,


Instead of talking about we need change,

Why not start doing so,

It takes one person,

And here I am.