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Fiction Writing Challenge: Asteroid Mining

Congratulations JMKhungergamesfan, your battle of man vs. machine is depicted above. You’ve got two rebels tossing a grenade at the totalitarian government’s mind controlled droid. Oh, the robot carnage! If droids ever do try to take over the country, you can count on me to join your army. If you need references, check out this RPG post. I’m good at forging weapons in a pinch.

On to this weeks prompt! Everyone knows that the human race is notorious for plundering resources. These guys claim to have some help in that area:

So, what do you think? How could mining asteroids help or hurt us? How would it affect the economy and standards of living if there was a sudden change in the supply of certain minerals? What kind of jobs would be created? What would happen when greed enters the picture? What unexpected things or creatures could we find?

Some have argued that this may be some sort of space violation, but that law isn’t clear. Do these resources belong to a company or to everyone?

Give us your best scenario—characters, creatures, contraptions, and power hungry CEOs. Write it up Masterminds!