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Fiction Writing Challenge: Mind Controlled Robotics

Congratulations, Wear_a_fez, your story idea was number one this week! Above you will see your island off the coast of Florida, your genetically altered double-meat cow, and your food thief. I realize the food thief didn’t steal until all the cows were gone in your story, but they just look so darn cute together in the picture! Print it, frame it, hang it on the wall, and love it for the rest of your life.

After the last gruesome prompt, we have something a bit more uplifting for you this week:

Moving robotic contraptions with your MIND? Oh yes.

As we see here, this innovation presents endless possibilities when it comes to helping those in need. But how else could this technology be applied? What other people could it help?

On a darker note, what if it fell into the wrong hands? Who would rise to stop those who would use this power for evil and how would they fight back?

Take it and run with it, Masterminds! Write your little geeky hearts out in the comments section!