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Fiction Writing Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse

Congratulations Agentoboe! As you might have guessed from the picture above, your story idea was number one. It is now immortalized forever in an illustration by Allison Emm. Special shout-outs to our runners up HighOrderoftheNargles and Transmissionstothemoon. We’re digging the kamigoosies and alien viruses. Well done, all of you!

Now prepare yourselves for this week’s writing prompt. It is not for the faint of heart, nor for queasy of stomachs. This news clip is truly stranger than fiction:

The zombie apocalypse is here. A crazed person literally ate the face off another man. Furthermore, according to the police, he refused to stop “feeding” even after being shot. They say it could have been cocaine-induced frenzy, but I’ve watched enough Walking Dead to be more than a little freaked out.

What do you think? Government experiment gone awry? Plague of pestilence? Necromancy? Perhaps more importantly, how would you survive? I live down here in Florida, so give me your best zombie survival tips!