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Forever 21’s Prom-tastic Dresses

For weeks, maybe even months, you’ve been studying up, going shopping, and reading loads of magazines to find the perfect prom dress. Though there are a lot of options, you only get to pick one ensemble for the big night. Some of our favorite options are from Forever 21. With these dresses, you won’t break the bank, but you’ll get tons of style for your buck.

If you’re a strong and edgy type, this is the perfect dress for you. It gives you a great middle ground between an 80’s prom gown and a punk mini. The strapless neckline and short hemline will show off your arms and legs as you dance, but the peplum skirt keeps your look elegant. Try an updo with this dress to show off your shoulders and collarbone area. Add a statement necklace and a fun pair of neon heels. Finish with a load of bangles on your arms, and you have a perfect prom look.

For those with a sweet side, this peachy pink gathered waist dress is perfect. The band around the waist will accentuate your curves in a more subtle way, and the long A-line skirt is perfect for spinning on the dance floor. Soft makeup and flowy, bouncy tresses will complement this dress best. Try a flower headdress a la Lana Del Rey with this frock. Who says you can’t wear your corsage on your crown? Add a pair of neutral heels to complete your look.

To bring the drama, try this sheer skirt tube dress. Some of you may remember that Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life wore a similar dress to her prom. The flowing chiffon overskirt is equal parts mystery and spectacle. Try this elegant dress with red lips and an exaggerated cat eye. For accessories, choose gold or silver jewelry and red pumps. Add an embellished belt for extra emphasis around your waistline.

And finally…here is my own ancient prom photo! I remember reading in some fashion magazine that “olive green looks great on tan skin,” and letting that guide me. In hindsight, maybe shiny olive green wasn’t really my color. However, I love this photo for many reasons. Prom is about the experience, and the memories you make with friends. Sure, the night will be documented and cemented in hundreds of photos, but picking a dress shouldn’t be stressful. Have fun when choosing what to wear, because the thing that will matter is you and your date on the dance floor, not the hem or color of your dress!

Did you buy a thrifty but awesome dress for prom? What does it look like?

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