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Hanging Out with Jazzy: Jane Austen Power Couples

Jazzy, aka villanous_mwaha, is back, and she’s got love on the brain. Also, SPOILER ALERT: Erm, yeah, there will be Jane Austen book plot spoilers. —Sparkitors

Jane Austen is one of the most influential and respected romance writers ever to exist. Obviously, she’s best known for Pride and Prejudice, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that all of her books, not just her most famous, provide a perfect guide to romance, matchmaking, and love. She creates the perfect couples, the perfect mistakes to learn from, and the most wonderful and loving matches any romantic could wish for.

Power Couple #1: Emma Woodhouse & Mr. Knightley

Book: Emma

Emma is a complete cowbag, to be perfectly honest! She tortures a girl in love, makes bad decisions for her best friend, and insults an old family friend at a picnic. In short, she has very little self-control. She has good intentions, but her personality is so wild she becomes a bad person. That is, until Mr. Knightley steps in! He has known her since she was a baby, and is very protective of her. He tends to lecture her, which is good; it tames her wild side and makes her a better person. In this way, they are the perfect couple. He is a good influence on her and loves her deeply.

Lesson: Try to find someone who compliments your personality. If you are too alike, you’ll probably bring out the worst in each other.

Power Couple #2: Catherine Morland & Henry Tilney

Book: Northanger Abbey

Henry Tilney is a sensible clergyman with a suspicious father, a troubled upbringing, and an exceptional understanding of muslins. Catherine Morland is an innocent young woman determined to think the best of people. She suffers from an overactive imagination due to reading many gothic romance novels. What could go wrong!? A lot, apparently, but despite everything they still end up together.

Right off, Catherine shows how much she likes Henry, and this draws them together. However, her wild imagination gets the better of her, and she ends up insulting his family. But the couple gets back together because they are in LOVE!

Lesson: Even if you get hurt, if you truly love someone, you should follow your instincts. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for a few mistakes!

Power Couple #3: Fanny Price & Edmund Bertram

Book: Mansfield Park

This is less about Edmund and more about Henry Crawford. He is a complete player, flirting with just about every girl he meets. He wants every girl to fall in love with him, but Fanny sees him for what he is and isn’t interested, and this makes Henry even more determined to have her love him. In striving for her love, he falls in love with HER, which is not something he is used to. He proposes to her but she refuses because she loves Edmund.

Lesson: Don’t settle for anything less than love. Even if nowadays you get more chances, wait until you find someone you actually have feelings for; don’t go out with someone out of gratitude.

Who’s your favorite literary couple?

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