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Happy Sweet 16, “Summer Girls”!

Sparklers, don’t ask a lady how old she is. It’s impolite. Besides, if word gets out, she might not be allowed to play a 55-year-old man’s love interest in a movie!

So as not to spoil our chances at playing Dave Coulier’s new girlfriend on the Full House reboot, suffice it to say that SOME OF US here at SparkLife HQ are old enough that we watched Full House the first time around. Ahem. And for those of us who remember using paper encyclopedias, and who are always offering people Werther’s Originals (THEY ARE DELICIOUS), June 29th is a very special day. It marks the 16th birthday of the release of one of the greatest Summer Jams about Summer ever to worm its way into our ears: LFO’s “Summer Girls.

For the uninitiated, “Summer Girls” tells the story of an Abercrombie & Fitch-wearing girl from Georgia who stops by for the summer and then goes home. BEAR WITH US! The sparse narrative is just a canvas on which LFO paints its true masterpiece: some of the most beautiful non sequiturs ever recorded in a pop song. The song rhymes “hornet” with “sonnet,” and WE TOTALLY BUY IT. LFO (which stands, by the way, for “Lyte Funkie Ones”) packs in references to Paul Revere, The Color Purple, Fun Dip, and Home Alone, and MANY others. In the immortal words of Bruno Mars: Don’t believe us? Just watch.

And that, dear ones, is our Friday gift to you. You’re welcome.

What’s your favorite Summer Jam About Summer? What about a favorite “Summer Girls” non sequitur?