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Harry Potter Fans Leave Secret Notes for Those That Come Behind Them

Second-hand books are full of surprises—just ask Harry Potter about his loaner copy of Libatious Borage’s “Advanced Potion Making” textbook, or Ginny about her magical Trapper Keeper. Leaving notes in your books for the person after you is kind of a Hogwart’s tradition (although SWEET MERLIN’S BEARD the detention you’d get from Hogwarts librarian Madam Pince if she caught you in the act).

And that’s exactly what Harry Potter fans are doing. Using Post-it notes of all shapes and sizes, Potterheads are leaving messages to future readers about just how much the books have meant to them—a movement that has been dubbed #PotterItForward.

On the heels of this trend, we must award the Harry Potter fandom the House Cup for Most Feelsy of all Fandoms 2015; all members of the fandom receive a ticket to the Feels Express (leaving from Platform Nine and Feels Quarters—to enter the platform, run straight at the wall screaming the password: HEDWIG LIVES).

I’m not crying someone just cast an Aguamenti spell at my eyes. There’s a BIG DIFFERENCE okay?

Sparklers, what would your #PotterItForward message be?

[h/t Pedestrian]