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Heartbreaking Fictional Tragedies, Fixed

There’s much we can learn from fictional tragedies, like how to avoid fulfilling a terrible prophecy or why it’s not generally considered good advice to marry your boyfriend in secret right before you fake your own death. 

Still, there’s no way around the fact that tragedies, while educational, are also DEPRESSING. And you have to read most of them in school, at a time when everything from your love life to your GPA feels nothing short of TRAGIC. All you want, really, is a break from the doom and gloom. You want a story where Gatsby doesn’t die in a pool, where Othello doesn’t listen to Iago, where Hamlet doesn’t stab randomly at curtains.

We hear you. And we’ve obliged. Here’s what some of literature’s most famous tragedies would look like without the, well, without all the tragedy.