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Holy Yikes This Black Mirror Preview Is Disturbing!

If you haven’t heard of the British series Black Mirror, we totally forgive you. But now you have no excuse not to watch this super creepy preview. It will make you want to flush your iPhone down the toilet!

Some thoughts:
– I wonder when this ad before the trailer is going to end. I hate ads. Dumb ads.
– This is a long ad.
– Oh… I don’t think this is an ad.
– I have the same look on my face as those little kids.
– Oh no. What’s wrong with her eyes? They’re too wide? I think I need to take a nap.
– Okay, now they don’t even HAVE eyes.
– Why aren’t they running away from the cloud!?

So upset. So upsetting. Can’t wait to watch this!!!

Will you watch the new season of Black Mirror?