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How to Approach a College Application Essay

Should I make it personal? What font should I use? Should it be hand written or an audio recording? Writing a college essay isn’t easy, so we’ve created a few sample essays to help get you started.


From the first time I ever heard the word “University,” there was only one place that seemed to matter, the San Diego Academy of Agriculture and Magic. Even though I know the word “University” isn’t in the title, LOL!

I’ve been in and out of classrooms my whole life, often working side by side with my educators. In fact, throughout the years, my name has been synonymous with the profession and I’ve been a reliable resource for teachers. I’ve provided nutrients and fuel for those days when they may or may not have forgotten a lunch. And, during that time, I’ve soaked up as much knowledge as I could. Down to my core.

I’m much more than a vital ingredient in cider and a place for snakes to hide.  I contain vitamins, am an excellent source of fiber and remain one of the most important elements of a still life painting. (alongside peaches and a glass of wine) Not to mention my name being used in countless rap songs to describe a woman’s backside. I’m not an ordinary fruit. I’m what once a day keeps the doctor away!

If given the opportunity to enroll at the San Diego Academy of Agriculture and Magic I’ll add to your fine reputation of academia.  Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your response.


An apple


Ever since I was a wee bit lad, I’ve dreamed a devil’s dream of walking along the fine grass of Everton Township Place for Books and Stuff. It’s knocked me on the noggin for years and it’s time to tell you my tale.

The pipes were calling for me to give the little lads a cereal they could munch and crunch on until they got to be big lads. And, that’s why every box of my Lucky Charms contains healthy oats and tasty marshmallows—now with 25% more marshmallows! But, at the same time, according to the box, we’ve been America’s number one source of whole grain.

I’m also an accomplished bagpipe player and magical entity. So, unless you have that demographic at your school I’m a fine choice my boy. Or girl. As fine as choosing the right cereal for your little lads to munch and crunch on until they get to be big lads. Did I say that already? It’s a leprechauns code to never proofread. For we don’t look backwards, only forward. And that’s only because our necks are stiffer than those of human necks. We’re not allowed such mobility. Think the opposite of an owl.

If given the chance to attend the Everton Township Place for Books and Stuff, I’ll bring America’s number one source of whole grain to a grocery store near you. I’m not sure that last sentence made a ton of sense. Oh well, I’m a leprechaun. Do you have those? No? Then, pick me! At the very least, it will look good on the brochure.


The Lucky Charms leprechaun

That pretty much covers it. Good luck!

What was your approach to your college application essays?