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How to Dress Like… a Rock Star

Finally, grayflower gives us an occasion to wear our hot fudge-squirting boots! —Sparkitors

When you go to a Black Eyed Peas or Neon Trees concert, you notice that each group member has a certain style of clothing. For instance, whenever I rock out in my room, I usually pull on my little navy blue dress, goth boots, and a killer white leather jacket. Your style reflects how you sing and what kind of genre you dig.

There are two different paths down toward a rockability outfit. The “Classic” look and the “Lady Gaga Goes Demonic and Will Suck Your Blood” look. I’ll cover both.


  • If you HATE wearing shirts with all your rock heart, I get it. It is perfectly normal (for guys) to go on stage with no shirt. Girls, though, need to have a bra on or a chain-mail bikini top, or at least something that covers your boobs.
  • I’m always impressed when rockers wear a cutoff shirt in neon over a plain, black tank top. When you try to emulate them, experiment with layering. It always comes out cool, no matter how messy it looks.
  • Oversized tees are a must.
  • And most importantly, ALWAYS wear graphics.

If you are attempting a hardcore look, try these ideas:

  • Wrap a live snake around your body
  • Wear chain mail as a dress
  • Wear a corset


  • Skinny jeans
  • micro minis
  • baggy pants
  • thick cords
  • bright colored tights under a denim mini

If you want to go to the extreme, try a leather catsuit, complete with a cape.


  • Go for a cute little girl dress, but wear it with a leather jacket and combat boots.
  • Or just carefully craft one out of meat.
  • Take your prom dress and shred it up, making yourself looking like some gorgeous, dead prom queen. You’re welcome.


Get creative. You can pull of anything from cute Mary Janes to ten inch high heeled boots that squirt hot fudge out of the tips. This is also a great area for DIY. The possibilities are endless. Let’s start simple, though:

  • For classic rockers, go for the old fashioned, slip on, checkerboard Vans. They are comfy and look totally cool onstage.
  • For pop rockers, I would go for ankle boots, in pastel colors.
  • Knee high leather boots are super cute as well.

For those who walk on the wild side, I suggest the following DIY:

  • Get a pair of regular boots.
  • Bedazzle them with glitter, studs, and anything shiny.
  • Wrap snakeskin around part of the boots.
  • Add petrified raisins, poop, and rocks.
  • And voila! You have crazy boots everyone will love!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever worn?

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