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How to Dress Like… Jenny Humphery

Mckenzie_Me‘s tips for dressing like scary-awesome Jenny are dead-on. —Sparkitors

Though the style of Lil’ J started out blindly following Queen B, Jenny soon developed a style of her own, both on screen and off. Here is my take on Jenny’s rock-chick style:

Do: Wear eye-liner. Even if it’s just enough for a subtle smoky-eye look, Jenny never seems to leave the house without her eye-liner looking perfect.

Don’t: Go so far as to look like this.

Do: Invest in a leather jacket—whether it’s real leather or fake. You can dress it up or dress it down, but it always makes a statement!

Don’t: Decide to buy one with crazy amounts of fringe and 200 rhinestones ready-to-blind. I’m not talking about Wild West cowboy jackets.

Do: Accessorize by layering necklaces.

Don’t: Wear so many necklaces you literally start to get a neck ache from the bling weighing you down.

Do: Wear patterns, especially plaid.

Don’t: Decide that because Jenny likes bold patterns you’re going to wear plaid and leopard print and zebra stripes and polka dots and…well, you get the idea.

Do: Wear darker colors. Jenny uses a lot of black and often gray in her outfits.

Don’t: Decide that every day you will look like Queen Victoria in mourning and only wear black. Jenny sometimes likes to show a flash of colour within her outfits too. This often helps give her ensemble a bit more edge.

Maybe the rock ‘n’ roll style of this GG star isn’t for everyone (you should seriously send in pictures if you can rock that much eye-liner), but Jenny seems to be able to really pull it off.

What do you think of Jenny’s style?

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