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How to Sneak Out Without Getting Caught

akila613 is a master escape artist. We wonder how this Sparkler learned all these tricks…  —Sparkitors

Sneaking out isn’t exactly on our parents’ “Top 10 things I wish our child would do” list, but teens do it anyway. Some sneak out because it’s thrilling, others because they really want to go somewhere without their parents knowing, and others to get rid of their “goody two shoes” reputation. I’ll admit it—sneaking out is fun. But getting caught isn’t. Here are my tips for sneaking out and getting away with it: 1. Have an accomplice

A sibling you can trust, or sibling of a friend who lives close—either makes great a accomplice. And having an accomplice will make things a lot easier for you. You’ll get updates and warnings from your house if something bad or unexpected happens. For example, let’s say you have a huge fight with your parents because they won’t let you go to a party.  You sneak off to the party while your accomplice stays home or near your home, so if your mom and dad decide to apologize or check up on you, your accomplice will let you know. They can text, call, or even send a Batman signal. Whatever. Once you get word, you can rush home IMMEDIATELY.

Another good thing about having an accomplice is that they can cover for you. Whether it’s your best friend distracting your parents, or your younger brother in your room pretending to be you, if your accomplice can stall, you’ll probably have time to get home without getting caught.

2. Pick the right time

You shouldn’t sneak off if it’s the afternoon and both of your parents are home. That’s just asking to be caught. Instead, pick a time that they won’t be home or when they’ll be asleep. Nighttime is an obvious choice, but also remember that a lot of adults take afternoon naps. Also, don’t sneak off when you’re supposed to be going to a major event. Just go to the big event and steal away later.

3. Be natural. Don’t look or act suspicious.

If you’re wearing all black, telling your parents you have to bed early after having a huge fight with them and getting grounded, or acting all nervous and looking sweaty, you’re basically telling your parents you intend to sneak out. Instead, act cool and casual. Also, it’s really important that right after a fight you act calm and cool, not angry and vengeful. It just makes things easier for you and your parents—and easier for sneaking out. If you’re normally not the best kid, it’s especially important not to give your parents an extra reason to be suspicious of you.

Also, if you’re running back to your house after you snuck out, the neighbors will notice. And they might tell your parents. Even if the neighbors don’t notice, your parents are going to be wondering why you’re sweating so much since you were supposed to be in your room for three hours. Just walk at a normal speed, play it cool, and nobody will be alarmed.


Make sure you have a ride. Make sure you get back in time. Make sure your accomplice is ready and prepared for his/her job. Check up on your parents to make sure they’re going to be gone or asleep. But remember, act NATURAL. If you’re hounding them with questions about when they’re leaving and getting back, they’ll know something’s up.

This is my wisdom on sneaking out. But remember one thing: Be SAFE. If you sneak out to a party only to find that it’s full of drugs, and stinky drunk people, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Because if the police come, you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do…

Is sneaking out really worth all the work?

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