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Hunger Games “Would You Rather?”s

It’s hard to make the Hunger Games even more challenging. Because… what could make battling to the death worse? Well, these things could. Would you rather…

Be known as the fartiest tribute


be the only one who can smell all the tribute’s farts and they smell so bad that you pass out every time someone rips one?

Have a loud siren go off every time you thought anything was funny


never be able to sit down while in the arena?

Have the only food you can eat in the wilderness be your own boogers, which are endless and you can pick as many as you want all the time


only have one eye, but that eye makes everything look like the world is in Catpaint?

Mouth kiss Haymitch ten times


hold Snow’s hand for five minutes?

Have to go to the bathroom the whole time, which makes you have to do the pee dance non-stop


throw up every time you sneeze and sneeze everytime you smell anything out of the ordinary?

Eat a dead squirrel


eat a dead squirrel?

Have the backpack you find at the cornucopia filled with old cottage cheese


dead bunny parts?

Die from a lethal wedgie


die from blowout diarrhea?

Face dive into the ground every time another tribute talks


start singing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” everytime you fall asleep (while you sleep)?

Marry Peeta


marry Gale?

What would you rather?