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If Harry Potter Characters Could Use Muggle Technology…

If you think about it, the setting of Harry Potter is literally the 1860s on steroids: No electricity but candles can levitate, no internet but newspapers have moving images, decrepit horse-drawn carriages but the invisible horses can fly, 19th-century portraiture but their subjects can interact with passersby, and glorified homing pigeons but letters can scream at your face.

It’s no wonder that Arthur Weasley is obsessed with Muggle artifacts. While his fascination with executive desk lamps would gain zero traction in Diagon Alley, we honestly think stocks in Muggle technology would skyrocket if launched in the wizarding world. Our amazing illustrator, Steffi, imagined what would happen if HP characters had access to all that is wired and wireless, and the results would’ve broken the internet had Kim K. not gotten to it first.

Click through this SPECTACULAR slideshow, and then check out the rest of Steffi’s amazing artwork on her website!