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I’ll Never Lego

If you ever played with Legos, you know that they are the greatest toy-slash-architectural-tool ever to grace the face of our fair planet. Here at SparkNotes, we smile whenever we think of the youthful hours we once spent building Lego cities, designing Lego cars, cooking up Lego cheeseburgers, and sticking the heads of the little Lego People onto the spiked walls that surrounded our Lego Aztec Temple of Death.

Still, despite all the incredible things made possible by Legos, we were always disappointed by one thing: No matter how hard you tried, you could not get your Legos to play music.

Until now.

With the Lego MP3 player (yes, you read that right) slated for release this summer, we can’t help wondering what other life-changing Lego inventions might be on the horizon. Will we wake up one day in a world composed entirely of multi-colored stackable blocks? Will our dream of a Lego house become a reality? If Lego is taking suggestions, we’ve got some ideas:

  • Lego Landscape: Sure, those connectable blocks with their hard angles never made very good trees…but a lush, verdant Lego lawn that requires no mowing? We’ll take it.
  • Lego Couture: Designer apparel for the trendsetting fashionista. Come on, primary colors and blocky silhouettes are totally coming back this season.
  • Lego Boyfriend/Girlfriend: With a Lego Lover by your side, you’ll never be lonely again! Just ignore the limited conversation skills.
  • Lego Battleship: Easily reassembled even after taking a direct hit from enemy rockets. Plus, it’s already been done.

Anyone feeling the Lego nostalgia?