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In Defense of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga should totally hire you as her publicist, Zayz! —Sparkitors

If you troll YouTube on a regular basis, you know that an increasingly popular fad is to insult people who press the “dislike” button on a video by commenting that they must listen to *insert talentless, obnoxious singer here*, and their indefensible taste in music is why they didn’t like the song in question. 99 times out of 100, the talentless, obnoxious singer named is either Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or Lady Gaga. While I fully agree that Bieber and Miley are deserving of such a critique, I must raise my voice in defense of Lady Gaga. Yes, I am defending Lady Gaga. Now, not so many months ago, I too was a non-believer; I assumed Lady Gaga was just another vapid, club-obsessed, auto-tuned publicity stunt. Plus, the woman has worn antlers in public. That didn’t exactly help her case. But then I saw her perform Speechless on the Ellen Degeneres Show,  and my opinion changed for good.

I discovered that Lady Gaga is legitimately talented. If you listened to the above performance, you’ll admit (however reluctantly) that the Lady has a pair of pipes on her. Plus, she went to NYU to study music in the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, and if you take a look at the songwriting credits for The Fame, you’ll see that Lady Gaga is included in every single one of them. This crazy woman knows what she’s doing.

And when you’re done reviewing her background, check out the music itself, and leave your grumbling distaste at the door. I’m not saying the lyrics are profound or life-changing, but they’re a lot better than you might think, particularly in Paparazzi. Some of her songs are ironic, knowingly winking at their writer (The Fame); some of them are just unadulterated club joy (Love Game); and some of them are just funny (listen to what she’s actually saying in Telephone). Maybe it sounds like you’ve heard it all before, but you haven’t heard it quite like this. Not the way Lady Gaga does it.

And just for the record: anyone who can take an 80’s dance rhythm and make it modern enough for 2010 (check out Bad Romance for proof) is a bona-fide genius in my book.

For better or worse, Lady Gaga is a generation-defining force. She’s weird, she leaves taboos shattered in her wake, and she enjoys every minute of it. Her shows are artful, loud, and well-executed. Her talent is real and she’s basking in the fun of it all, while still churning out good music. So if you want to talk about a talentless, obnoxious singer, talk about Ke$ha. Lady Gaga should be off-limits.

Wow! Great post, Zayz—we’ll admit to hatin’ on Lady Gaga in the past, but you make a lot of good points!

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