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Is Uglies Going To Be A TV Show? We Interview Scott Westerfeld to Find Out!

We interviewed Scott Westerfeld at Gen Con last week, and asked him that very question!

The short answer: probably!

The movies rights to the Uglies series has been sold and floating around in development H-E-double-hockey-sticks for a while now, and we did get a trickling of news about the idea of it as a TV series back in March. But in this interview we got a few more inside Uglies deets that we are bursting to share with you!

So why has it been taking sooooo longggggg for someone to realize what they are sitting on and turn Uglies into some sort of screen-based entity? According to our pal SW, it always seems to get to a certain stage of being talked about when somebody says, “Wait… you want to make something about ugly people?” *sigh* And Hollywood’s impossible beauty standards strike again.

Westerfeld also made the interesting comment that he wanted the Pretties to look kind of alien, on the edge of uncanny valley. WHICH WE TOTALLY CALLED IN OUR HEADS. Headcanon confirmed! There’s a company called Lola Special Effects (who did some of the aging/transformations in Captain America, Benjamin Button, and Harry Potter) that specializes in special effects for faces and bodies, and Westerfeld is hoping that they can do the Pretties too!

Now, how closely should the show follow the books? Our dear author is adamantly on the side of faithfulness. He thinks that by and large, sticking to the original story tends to make for a better adaptation, his big example being the Harry Potter movies. If there were to be any deviation, he’d like it to err on the side of MORE instead of less: more character development, more time exploring the characters and the world, just MOAR.

Lastly, and most importantly, we are happy to report that his favorite ice cream flavor is the same as ours: chocolate and peanut butter!

How do you feel about an Uglies tv show?